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Gallery John Jacob


Gallery John Jacob held its first exhibition in 2001 during the Easter Open Studios Week of Österlen. The idea behind the gallery was first born, like other grand ideas, in a sauna with the help of a few beers. At first the exhibition during the Open Studios Week was rather small scale with about 250 visitors. However, the number of visitors soon expanded because of the beautiful and genuine surroundings and the range of high quality artists. Already after two years, the gallery had 4000 visitors during the Easter Open Studios Week. Many visitors return every year to have a look at the exhibtion and to treat themselves to waffles and coffee in the courtyard café. A large part of the success of Gallery John Jacob is the fact that many different orientations are represented under the same roof such as oil on canvas, aquarell on canvas, lithography, ceramics and glass. Furthermore, both established artists as well as local and promising artists exhibit their work which allows for an interesting contrast. Some of those that have represented over the years include  Ernst Billgren, Ulf Lundell, Madelein Pyk, Peter Dahl, Lasse Åberg, Ardy Strüver, Lennart Jirlow, Karl Höglund, Karl Mårtens, Janne Loffe Carlsson and the founder of the gallery, Per Enochsson.




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